Dhankesari Today 30-11-2022 Live 1PM, 6PM, 8PM Result

Dhankesari Today 30-11-2022 Live 1PM, 6PM, 8PM Result: Everyone wants that we can earn maximum money and take our lifestyle in better condition. In such a situation, many people invest their money in lottery, buy tickets. And the lucky winner is given the most money.

People say people who don’t want to work hard. The same people gamble. In earlier times gambling was recognized in this society. Even in the Mahabharata, the young lottery has been discussed loudly. It has been legally banned after India’s independence. But still there are many states which have given it legal recognition. There are rules and regulations for lotteries abroad.

Dhankesari Today

Dhankesari Today 30-11-2022 Live 1PM, 6PM, 8PM Result

Todays Result

Dhankesari 1:00 PM

Dhankesari Today

Dhankesari 6:00 PM

Dhankesari Today

Dhankesari 8:00 PM

Dhankesari Today

Nagaland State Lottery Prize

RankNo. of PrizesPrize Amount (in ₹)Super Prize Amount (in ₹)

Dear Morning 1:00 PM

DayTicket Name
MondayDear Ganga Morning
TuesdayDear Teesta Morning
WednesdayDear Torsa Morning
ThursdayDear Padma Morning
FridayDear Hooghly Morning
SaturdayDear Kosai Morning
SundayDear Damodar Morning

Dear Day 6:00 PM

DayTicket Name
MondayDear Sun
TuesdayDear Moon
WednesdayDear Mercury
ThursdayDear Venus
FridayDear Earth
SaturdayDear Mars
SundayDear Jupiter

Dear Evening 8:00 PM

DayTicket Name
MondayDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Eagle Evening
ThursdayDear Falcon Evening
FridayDear Vulture Evening
SaturdayDear Ostrich Evening
SundayDear Hawk Evening


How much does a Dhankesari lottery ticket cost?

Dhankesari Nagaland State Lottery comes in ₹6, while Ratan Lottery keeps launching new schemes every month, you can start with ₹100, ₹200, ₹500 etc.

What does lottery sambad mean?

Lottery simply means the game of luck, that is, lottery is the victory of one person out of lakhs.

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