Digital India – What is Digital India? | डिजिटल इंडिया | டிஜிட்டல் இந்தியா திட்டம்

Digital India – What is Digital India? | डिजिटल इंडिया | டிஜிட்டல் இந்தியா திட்டம் : The Digital India campaign was launched by the Government of India. This campaign is to revolutionize the country through internet as well as strengthen the technological side of India by empowering the internet. This campaign has been started by the Government of India under the name ‘Digital India Campaign’.

An event was launched on 1 July 2015 at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Delhi in the presence of veteran industrialists like Tata Group Chairman Cyrus Mistry, RIL Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani, Wipro Chairman Azim Premji etc. Digital India campaign. went away.

Digital India

Digital India is an important initiative to develop the country digitally and improve the IT institution of the country. The program has been unveiled by launching various schemes of Digital India campaign like Digital Locker, National Scholarship Portal, E-Health, E-Education, E-Sign etc.

In 2015 a huge compilation organized by the Government of India as Digital India implemented it to provide easy access to government services in different regions of the country. People across the country improve their access to technology under this program. Digital India aims to transform the country into a digital-enabled society. It ensures that government facilities are available to residents electronically.

Digital India
Date of launching1st July 2015
Government MinistryMinistry of Electronics and Information Technology, Finance Ministry
Launched byPM Narendra Modi
Minister of E&IT (As of December 2021)Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw
Official website

Objectives of Digital India

  • The development of a stable and secure digital infrastructure.
  • Delivering government services digitally.
  • Universal Digital Literacy.

Digital India – What is Digital India? | डिजिटल इंडिया | டிஜிட்டல் இந்தியா திட்டம்

Digital India is an umbrella programme. It has only one vision on how to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. To fulfill its objectives, the program has established an ecosystem which is composed of meeting of several ministries and government departments.

If this Digital India initiative is to be really implemented then some preparatory measures have to be taken for this initiative. As adequate physical infrastructure has to be created, important governance services will have to be made available to the people through e-mode as well as awareness of digital literacy among the people will have to be raised, which means that people will have to be exposed. For technology so that they can have easy access to all digital capable of handling technology.

Benefits Of Digital India project:

Under the Digital India project, everyone will be connected to electronic media. Along with telling about its benefits, it will be made aware of. Till now people in cities have understood the internet well but still the trend towards e-shopping, e-study, e-ticketing and e-banking is in metros only. Even small towns are not aware of such facilities. While all these are very important for digitization. If we talk about the village, then they can easily adopt computer and laptop till now.

  • E-Hospital Portal: Under the Digital India Project, the public will be able to easily consult a doctor. Timely appointment will also be given through this portal. In times of crisis, through this portal, complete information about the disease of any disease can be given easily.
  • e-Basta Portal: Under this (Digital India Project) books will be made available to the students. Need any information related to education. They will be given to the students under this e-Basta portal. Notes or other material related to the necessary study will also be made available through this portal. And anyone can use it from anywhere.
  • All the information related to the job is also on the Internet, for this also many government-run portals will be launched, under which all the information related to employment will be made available.
  • Digital Locker: Digital lockers have been provided by the government in which any person can keep his important documents safe. Read full details about it:
  • The Digital India project will increase transparency in all work. Going online will reduce the work like bribery because all the work will be done digitally in front of everyone’s eyes. Therefore, corruption can be prevented to a great extent by this.
  • With the Digital India project, any work will be done easily without any hassle sitting at home.
  • This will increase employment in the country. The development of the people will increase manifold.

Key Services of Digital India

In order to use the services of this campaign, the government has burdened the process of linking all the data of Indian citizens with the Aadhar card. When all the data of Indian citizens will be linked with the Aadhar card, then everyone will be able to avail government and non-government facilities sitting at home.

With this campaign, we will be able to do things like PAN card, ration card, driving license, gas cylinder, life insurance and election card sitting at home. Apart from this, we will get the facility to keep our important documents like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Voter ID and Marksheet online. So that we will not need to keep our important documents with us all the time. To keep these documents and important data safe, we will also provide facility like e-locker through this campaign.

Under the Digital India campaign, CCTV cameras will be installed in government offices like railway stations, bus stations, police stations and hospitals. Broadband and Wi-Fi will be provided in schools and universities of 2.5 lakh villages. Along with this, the digital campaign in the IT sector will provide employment to 1.7 crore people.

Big industrialists from abroad are also joining in support of Digital India. Like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised to set up WiFi hotspots in rural areas of India. Google also promised to provide broadband facility at 500 railway stations in India. After this Microsoft also promised to provide broadband facility in five thousand villages of India.

9 Pillars of Digital India Campaign

Broadband highwaysUniversal access to mobile connectivityPublic internet access program
e-governancee-KrantiInformation for all
Electronic manufacturingIT for jobsEarly harvest programmes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital India

Everything in this world has two sides. One advantage and the other disadvantage. Similarly, Digital India also has two aspects. Somewhere it has advantages and some disadvantages. We will get to know each other in turn.

Benefits of Digital India

  • Reduction in corruption
  • Technical Education for Rural Students
  • Black marketing and tax evasion will reduce
  • Getting rid of lines in government offices
  • country will grow rapidly
  • At present, we can fill the form and fees of any government exam sitting at home. Apart from this, you can easily do your government work sitting at home. Due to Digital India, new employment opportunities are being available in today’s time. This campaign is very important to improve the IT institutions of the country and develop them digitally.

Disadvantages of Digital India

By the way, we have not got to see a large scale loss from the Digital India mission. But the loss of this campaign will be to the poor, downtrodden and less educated people. Because many people either will not have a smartphone or else it will take time for them to understand the new technologies of the smartphone. For example, if someone does not have a smartphone then how will he be able to take advantage of the BHIM app. And if people don’t know how to use all these things then what is the use of going digital? This is the reason why our country is still digitally disabled.

Apart from this, digitization has made humans socially distant. Because man has become completely dependent on machines. Nothing remains in our privacy with the use of the Internet. Everyone can know about us. It also encourages crime. But still, when a major change has taken place in the world, it did not happen in an instant. People have taken time to understand and take advantage of that change. In this way people will take some time to understand the Digital India mission.

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Final Words

Digital India Portal is a website which has been created with an aim to provide opportunities for retailers to access various web services and serve their customers at low investment cost.

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