How To Download EC Online Tamilnadu?

How To Download EC Online Tamilnadu? / வில்லங்க சான்றிதழ் இணையத்தில் பெறும் முறை: Get a print of TN EC online or view TN Encumbrance Certificate (EC) from Tamilnadu Government against your property, Check your property details at TNREGINET EC Online portal as per the new process.

Today all work can be done easily and successfully through the internet from a sitting position. In that order, even the EC (Encumbrance Certificate) can be easily obtained online.

Next to the property buyers, the deed of purchase, the lease, etc. before the purchase, the yaga animal certificate is a certificate proving who owns the property to the buyer.

We need to know the legal procedures for buying a house or land. Many people buy property based on trust and incomplete information. Only then will the problem of those assets be known. Then we will be in a position where we can do nothing. No complaint can be lodged without proper documentation.

How To Download EC Online Tamilnadu

How To Download EC Online Tamilnadu?

You must apply for a certificate of title at the registrar’s office where the property you are purchasing is registered. Animals can also be certified online. You can apply through the website But this facility is available only for certain places.

Details of cities where the service is available will be mentioned on the website. Only assets under the age of 30 are registered with the system. Therefore, there may be a delay in obtaining a lease for an existing property. Buying property without a veterinary certificate is risky.

Power of Attorney is a bond that gives the owner of the property the right to sell the property. It is through this Power of Attorney that many abuses take place. For example, suppose a property owner writes a Power of Attorney to someone before 2009.

It withdraws the Power of Attorney within a year. But there is a possibility that the person may have fraudulently sold the property with this old Power of Attorney deed and you will not be able to find it since the Power of Attorney registration system came into force in November 2009. So do not believe this alone. . Power of Attorney for purchase of space.

வில்லங்க சான்றிதழ் இணையத்தில் பெறும் முறை ? villangam certificate in online

  • Go to
  • Click the “e-Services” menu and then ENCUMBRANCE CERTIFICATE.
  • Then click on “View EC”
  • click on “View EC”
  • Zone, District, Office of the Deputy Registrar, EC Start Date and EC End Date, Village, Survey No., Subdivision No.
  • Download your EC pdf.

Final words

Details can only be requested on the Internet until a certain year ago. You can check the previous year’s assets at the respective affiliate office and see its ink.

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