Sagar Mala Yojana of the Indian government | सागरमाला परियोजना

Sagar Mala Yojana of the Indian government | सागरमाला परियोजना: What is special about this is that China generally has lower energy costs than India. If so, it would cost China just 6.99 rupees to produce a kilo watt hour – 12.08 rupees in the same India. What is the reason?

As far as our country is concerned, we use only 69% of coal to produce electricity. We often use railroad tracks to transport coal between the location where the coal is available and where the electricity is produced. But compared to the rest of the world we can understand our mistake a little bit. So it is understandable that energy costs are high in our country.

Sagar Mala Yojana of the Indian government

India’s coal mining produces 780 million tonnes today, up from 507 million tonnes in 2014-15. It is projected to rise to approximately 1,000 million tonnes (mt) in 2019-20. Understand that 71% of India’s coal reserves come from Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh. West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra have the remaining 28 per cent coal. In other states it is just 1%.

Therefore, we divide the available coal resources and produce coal in all the states. The problem with this is that we use railway tracks to transport coal from one place to another.

Aim of SDC YojanaTo Provide road or rail linkages on port terminals
Who launched SDC project Ministry of Shipping
Who has the administrative control of SDC (Sagarmala Development Company)Union Ministry of Shipping
Number of Project identified by SDC150 Projects across the nation
Date of SDC Establishment31 July 2015
Estimated Total Investment for SDC Project700 billion
Development Process on SDC12 Ports of India and also to develop 1208 Island

Sagar Mala Yojana of the Indian government | सागरमाला परियोजना

70,000 crore has been allocated for the first phase of the project. Although the project will see economic progress in the country, various parties continue to oppose the project, claiming that it will affect the livelihoods of people engaged in agriculture and fishing and that their locations will be taken over by the government for government use.

Commenting on the project, Murali, a retired former principal of Mathura College and a social activist, said, `The Sagar Mala project is a project launched by the central government to destroy all of India’s natural resources. Especially when this project is implemented, 25 crore fishermen from this country will be completely removed from the coastal area where they lived.

The fishery will be completely destroyed. The 350 km fishing area will shrink to 10 km. In particular, all the marine treasures will be taken away from here by the corporate bosses of the neighboring country. 200 small ports, including 12 major ports, will be set up and handed over to corporate bosses. 1,200 islands will be handed over to foreign employers.

Sagarmala Project Objectives

  • Decreasing the cost of transporting domestic cargo by optimizing the modal mix.
  • Identifying future industrial capacities near the coasts to reduce the logistics cost of bulk commodities.
  • Developing discrete manufacturing clusters close to ports to enhance export competitiveness.
  • Optimizing the time-cost of export-import container movement.

Sagar Mala Project (सागर माला परियोजना)

Final Words

No formal details on the impact of the project have been released to the public. Ministers in Tamil Nadu behave as if they were appointed by the people only to celebrate ceremonies such as weddings and abortions. The Government of Tamil Nadu should set up a formal review committee and review the project. “

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