Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme2022 by Tamil Nadu CM M.K Stalin PDF

Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme2022 by Tamil Nadu CM M.K Stalin PDF: During the election campaign, DMK leader MK Stalin received petitions on various issues of the people in each district and promised action against the mothers within 100 days of coming to power.

The Chief Minister went to the General Secretariat on April 7 to take office and created a new department to implement the ‘Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme’ scheme and spent Stalin signed.

Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme

Ungal Thokuthiyil Muthalamaichar Scheme2022 by Tamil Nadu CM M.K Stalin PDF

A total of 52,434 petitions have been received by the Revenue Department seeking individual requests for pensions, pensions and other welfare benefits under the Social Security scheme.

35,670 petitions have been received by the Rural Development Department seeking housing and infrastructure.

6,548 petitions have been received from the Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department seeking basic infrastructure facilities.

SchemeUngal Thoguthiyil Muthalamaichar
Launched ByCM M. K. Stalin
BeneficiariesPeople living in Tamilnadu
BenefitPeople can file grievances and it will be solved within a very short time
Official Websitecmhelpline.tnega.org

Ungal thoguthiyil stalin muthalamaichar apply online

  • People who want to file the petition will have to first visit the ungal thoguthiyil stalin website i.e cmhelpline.tnega.org.
  • Here on the homepage, you will find a link that says “File a grievance”.
  • You will now be redirected to the new login page. If you are already a registered user, enter your mobile number and proceed.
  • If you are a new person trying to apply for the first time, you will need to click the Register button
  • Now enter your name and mobile number, you will receive the OTP, enter it and click Submit.
  • Now your registration is complete and if any entries are asked, complete them.
  • After these steps, you are now ready to file a grievance. First go to the home page and click on FILE A GRIEVANCE.
  • Here you will get the registration form or complaint form
  • In this complaint form you have to fill in all the requested information like your name, email, permanent address, mobile number, description of your complaint, government department, local body, type of complaint.
  • You can also upload notes or related documents up to 20MB in file size.
  • Finally click the submit button.

உங்கள் தொகுதியில் முதலமைச்சர் திட்டம்

Final Words

So far, about 3,51,486 petitions have been received under the Chief Minister’s Scheme in Tamil Nadu Ungal Thokkuthi and they have been forwarded to the respective departments. Of these, about 1,76,268 petitions have been accepted and 75,818 petitions have already been resolved. This is more than the number of petitions received and resolved by the Chief Minister’s Special Committee in the last 10 years (1.10 lakh).

Out of 1.76 lakh petitions, 52,434 petitions were filed seeking pensions and pensions under welfare schemes implemented by the Revenue and Social Welfare Departments. A total of 35,670 people filed petitions seeking allocation under government housing schemes and basic amenities.

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